Plan Features


National Education’s Tuition Payment Plan is flexible and designed to meet your school needs.

  • Can be adjusted to match any school calendar
  • Utilizes a Trustee for the investment of plan payments, assuring security of funds and maximum investment earnings for the school
  • Offers superior cash flow through earlier receipt of education expenses
  • Includes marketing materials designed to meet the school’s particular needs and interests, improving recruitment and retention efforts
  • Provides comprehensive reporting via paper or electronically
  • Handles all contact with families, including due diligence on delinquent accounts
  • Offers a life insurance option for all families enrolled in the Plan

Security of Funds

Tuition payments are deposited on the day of receipt, with the Trust Department of the School approved Trustee.  Your school will have the only encumbrance on your students’ payments. Our Trustee arrangement provides maximum security for all payments made to the Plan.