National Education's Payment Plan

National Education® offers innovative ways to help schools improve cash flow, generate new revenue, and reduce administrative expenses through our affiliate, Higher Education Services. This program helps improve and extend the services offered to enrolled families. Our Installment Payment Plan is designed to help families ease the burden associated with large lump sum payments of educational expenses. This plan allows families to budget and pay educational costs on a monthly basis.

Plan Benefits

Improved Cash Flow - funds received on behalf of payment plan participants can be withdrawn by the school at any time.

Investment Earnings - plan payments are deposited by the Trustee into an account in the name of the school. The school is the recipient of all interest earned from the date the payments are received until the funds are withdrawn by the school.

Lower Administrative Costs - since the school has access to plan payments at any time, it can eliminate the costs and risks involved with the management of payments received prior to the school’s need for cash to cover expenditures.